alterations on wheel

Make your home or office our office. We come to your house to provide the alteration service including collection with a minimum order of $100 in alterations. You come back to pick up the clothes within 2 days from one of our locations.

Complete satisfaction guaranteed.

We all know that all wardrobes can benefit from a good tailor. When having jeans hemmed ask us to “keep original” …It is our signature hem that we started over 10 years ago when some high end jeans designers added some of the most intricate details at the bottom of the jeans…so we wanted to make sure we maintain that unique look on your favorite pair.


Save money and use your time efficiently.  You pack your clothes nicely with your measurements and mail it out to us. Include a prepaid return label for us and we will mail your clothes back once they are done.

We are here to help you!

At Original Hems Studio, we genuinely love helping people. We are happy and confident

in what we do and would like you to feel the same.

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